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Eating out in Greenville, South Carolina

I’m currently on the road in Greenville, South Carolina, which is a really lovely town from what I’ve seen so far. Greenville also has a number of culinary oddities I haven’t seen on menus in other parts of the country. Last night I ate at Sushi Murasaki, which among other more standard rolls also features the USC roll, which featured fried chicken as a primary component; not to be confused with another roll with tempura chicken. Today for lunch I tried fried corn-on-the-cob at Sticky Fingers, which also had some of the best chicken wings I’ve had outside of Beijing, China. And tonight it was Tako Sushi, which is exactly what it sounds like phonetically, a sushi and Mexican restaurant. Tomorrow, who knows what culinary adventures will present themselves. If you happen to be familiar with restaurants in Greenville, feel free to offer suggestions.

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