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Android Voice Recorder

Using your Android phone as a voice recorder is a convenient tool for taking notes, creating audio reminders to yourself, or conducting an interview. For most Android voice recorder functions, I find using the free Evernote app to be the best approach for my needs. I use Evernote to store a variety of notes, upload PDF files for organization, and generally keep track of various digital bits of information. Evernote for Android voice recording features are a simple in that you push record when you want to start a voice recording and you push stop when you are done. Evernote comes in handy because you can add some additional notes about your voice memo, store it in a notebook specific to the topic, and add tags for searching later.
Another handy Android voice recorder app is the appropriately named Voice Recorder. Timed recording, the ability to search based on recording date, and the title of the recording are the primary features of this Android Voice Recorder. It’s also free.

You can download both Evernote and Voice Recorder from the Android Marketplace from virtually any Android phone, including the Samsung Galaxy S series of phones and Verizon’s Droid line of phones.

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