Cross Browser Bookmarking with Read it Later

I do most of my Twitter browsing on my Android phone (which is currently a myTouch 4G). When I see a link to an interesting article, I will sometimes read it immediately. Most of the time I want to read it later. In the past I have used Evernote to store this stuff, but I find Evernote to be cumbersome for reading articles I’ve saved for later. I do like Evernote for storing my own notes on things.
Read It Later is meant to solve this exact problem. Read It Later works in most browsers and also has iOS and Android apps. In function, Read it Later does a great job of easily storing articles for later reading, with direct integration into your devices browser, so you can easily capture pages for later reading.

Read It Later also supports a number of apps made by other software publishers. For instance, you can use Calibre to sync Read It Later with Kindle and Nook readers. I have my Pinboard account (which I’m using to replace Delicious) grabbing links I save to Read It Later as well. The browser plugins make it easy to bookmark absolutely anything to read it later, no matter which major browser is your favorite.
The one feature I’m a on the fence about is the ability to create a reading view for the pages I save. Read It Later, much like competitor Instapaper, offers a Text view of the articles you save, which removes the design elements and advertising of the page. As a content publisher who is partially reliant on advertising income, the idea that Read It Later allows people to cut off my ability to earn revenue doesn’t sit particularly well. At the same time, I do like the ability to archive information for later reading.
For $2.99, the Read It Later Pro for Android is well worth having to support development of Read It Later into the future. The iOS version or Read It Later Pro, for both iPad and iPhone, is also $2.99. The web version and plugins to go with it are completely free and available cross-platform.

By Jake

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