Audio and Video Answers – 10th Anniversary Edition

PC Audio and Video are frustrating. Over the years of writing my Digital Lifestyle newsletter I’ve answered hundreds of reader questions on everything from common Windows frustrations to specific issues in dealing with audio and video problems. Eliminating the frustrations quickly so you can get back to watching video, creating home movies, archiving your music collection or simply enjoying your computer is the primary aim of this ebook: Audio and Video Answers.
In celebration of 10 YEARS publishing Jake Ludington’s Digital Lifestyle, I’ve put together a 450+ Page limited time 10th Anniversary Edition of Audio and Video Answers. This special edition includes:

  • Audio and Video Answers Volume 3 – a 250+ page guide packed with answers
  • Converting Vinyl LPs to CD – my bestselling guide to converting your music collection
  • Mastering Movie Maker – a step-by-step video editing guide
  • Podcasting Starter Kit – 100 pages of podcasting instruction

The individual guides bundled in this special edition sell for a combined $77.00. I’m extending the anniversary celebration and allowing you to name your price for this information. When you add the ebook to your shopping cart, you can either pay full price, or you can enter any amount you feel the information is worth to you personally.
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That’s 450+ pages of great audio and video information packed into one guide. Audio and Video Answers is loosely divided into several core topic areas: Digital Video, Digital Audio, Home Entertainment, Facebook and YouTube, iPod, iPhone and iTunes, Android, and Troubleshooting and Problem Solving. There’s also a section called Making Digital Media work, which I’m dedicating to some business applications for digital media, along with some topics I consider important that didn’t fit well elsewhere. From finding the right codecs, to finding the right settings for converting between file types, this guide steps you through solutions to dozens of audio and video problems. The table of contents and Adobe Reader Bookmarks provide helpful navigation for searching on your computer, or you can print out the entire guide to step through problems. The questions and subsequent answers fill 450+ pages with a painkiller for your audio and video headaches. Download Audio and Video Answers today!
This is a partial list of the hundreds of topics covered in Audio and Video Answers
Digital Video
AVI is Black & White in Windows Media Player
Building A PC for Video Editing
Burning Video Files to DVD
Buying a DVD Recorder
Capture Video from Sony Digital8 Camcorder
Choosing an TV Tuner
Connecting PC to TV in Different Room
Convert 8mm Movies to DVD
Convert DVD Movies for your Sony PSP
Convert DVD to WMV for Portable Media Center
Convert MOV to AVI
Convert PowerPoint PPT to AVI
Convert SVCD to DVD
Disable DivX Logo Watermark
Convert WMV to AVI
Convert WMV to MP4
Converting PowerPoint to WMV
Downloading Movies from Newsgroups
Editing Sony DVD Handycam Video
Extracting and Printing Video Stills
Forcing Video and Audio Downloads
From Digital Video to DVD
Hardware for Streaming Video
How do I convert a PAL DVD to NTSC?
How do I play OGM video files?
How to Convert RMVB
How to convert AVI to Flash
How to download movies from YouTube
How to play RMVB Files
Join or Combine RMVB RealMedia files
Location of Media Center Recorded TV Files
MPEG Standards Explained
Making Movie Subtitles
Maximum DVD Video File Size
Prevent Frame Dropping During Video Capture
QuickTime and Media Associations
SATA, USB 2.0 or FireWire for DV Capture
Save Movies to DV Tape
Save Multiple DVDs to one DVD-R
Saving Digital Camera Movies for the Web
Splitting MP4 Files
Stream Your Audio and Video Anywhere
Transferring Video from Camcorder to PC
USB Analog Video Capture Tips
Upgrade Your Old PC for Video Editing
Upgrading Nero To Burn Slideshow DVDs
Watching DV on a PC
Webcam Image Quality
Which Video Camera for Video Blogs?
Video Hosting
Video but no Audio on Playback
Windows Movie Maker Slideshow DVD Authoring
Digital Audio
Add Windows Media to iTunes
Adobe Audition Crashed How Do I Get My Audio Back?
Auto Volume Leveling for Music
Backing Up MP3 to DVD
Burning Podcasts to CD
Convert WMA to MP3
Copy Songs From iPod to Windows
Create a Smart Playlist of Recently Added Music in iTunes
Date Modified Changes When I Play Music
Dead iPod Hard Drive Hack
Delete all music from Windows Media Center
Equalize CD Audio Levels
Export DVD Audio to CD
GarageBand for Windows XP
How do I get an audio clip to automatically play when Windows XP starts?
How to stream a live audio file?
Locate Audio in Email
PC Recording of AM and FM Radio
Playing MP3s on a Consumer DVD Player
Playing Music All Over the House
Playing and Creating Lossless Audio
Restoring the Windows Volume Control
Software Tools to Remove Pops and Scratches
Streaming Music to a PDA Using Windows Media
Sync iPod with Windows Media Player 10
Transferring MiniDisk Audio to a PC
Windows Media Player Burn Options
Windows Media Player CD Text Support
5 HDTV Shopping Tips
Standard Definition TV on a High Definition Screen
Truth in Picture Quality
A Touch of Grayscale
Bringing it Home
Creating The Perfect Surround Sound
HDTV Contrast Ratio
HDTV as PC Monitor
How far do I sit from my HDTV screen?
Watching Standard Definition TV on an HDTV
What is optimal HDTV Viewing Height?
Watch PC Content on a Plasma HDTV
Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
Files Become Read Only During CD Burn
Hard Drive Recovery
How do I tell if my PC has USB 2.0 or 1.1?
How to Transfer Huge Files with Ease
How to use BitTorrent
Optimize Mac OS X for Audio Recording
Optimize Your PC for Audio and Video
Recover Deleted Files
Recovering Lost Data
Use Your iPod as a Hard Drive
What the @#*%! is Audio data: Tag 5376?
iPod Hard Drive with no iTunes Installed
iPod Shuffle Random Noise
mim.exe Not Responding
Which Version of DirectX Do I Have?
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