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Mail Attachment Downloader

I frequently rely on my Gmail inbox as a backup for any attachments I send or receive via email. Gmail and most alternatives offer virtually unlimited storage, so deleting those messages simply isn’t necessary. What if you want to download a bunch of those email attachments all at once? It isn’t practical to click and download repeatedly. Mail Attachment Downloader solves this problem by offering the ability to download attachments from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL, without impacting other aspects of your inbox.

After you download and install Mail Attachment Downloader, it acts much like other email clients, in the sense that you enter your email credentials in order to retrieve your email. Unlike a traditional mail client, you aren’t reading the messages. You use Mail Attachment Downloader to locate and download any of the attachments in your mail folders or labels. You can limit attachment retrieval to a specific sender, to a specific folder or to a number of other search criteria, so if you remember that you need to get every attached file sent to you by Bob, you can do that.
The other handy aspect of Mail Attachment Downloader is it makes your email account a more convenient place to store copies of files. While I use Dropbox or Evernote for most file storage, this is yet another way to make a universally available copy. Simply email yourself a file, then you can use this app to retrieve it later when you need it, without needing to go to your inbox to get it. Most importantly, the app doesn’t change any characteristics of your email. The email message still keeps a copy of the attachment. If the email was starred or unread, it remains as is. All you are doing is getting the attachment and downloading it to your computer.
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