Secure Photo Client Gallery for Proofing

Disclaimer: At the time of original publication, the author of this article is a product manager at WeTransfer.

As a photographer, completing the photoshoot and selecting a set of images for your client to proof is only the beginning of your job. You still need to get your client to proof the images and approve a set of photos for final delivery. Ideally your client picks their favorite photos without a significant round of revisions. To protect your hard work and make sure you get paid for your effort, you may also want to secure photos to prevent the client from downloading before you’ve both reached a final agreement. A photo gallery is frequently the easiest way to do this.

One photo gallery solution that gives you the security of password protection and allows you to disable photo downloads is the WeTransfer Reviews tool. With this tool, you can upload hundreds of images for client proofing in the format of your choice. Clients pick their favorites and you get notified when they’ve finished making selections.

With Reviews, you can upload RAW images for preview from any Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, or Sony camera. Reviews also support .jpg, .jpeg, and .png formats if you prefer to work with smaller file sizes.

You can send the review gallery page to one or more people to select their favorite photos. Each reviewer clicks a button next to any photo they want to favorite.

You see the reviewer’s selections in a detailed report, making it easy to see all favorited photo selections from the gallery in one place.

A calendar tool lets you set a deadline, which helps you wrap up business with each client faster.

Securing your photo gallery is supported in two ways. You have the option to disable downloads, preventing clients from downloading files during the proofing process.

There is also an option to set a password on the review page before sharing your gallery of photos with clients. Using the password option prevents sharing outside of people who have the password to the review gallery.

WeTransfer Reviews aren’t limited to just images. You can also upload video files and PDFs for your clients. Go check out all the secure photo gallery features of WeTransfer Reviews.

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