Turn Off Apple Watch Splits for Fitness Workouts

Apple makes slight changes to the Apple Watch apps with every release, but a recent release turned on walking and running split times by default. These splits alert you to when you’ve reached a specific interval, like a mile or kilometer and show you the pace compared to the previous mile. While I personally find these very useful for maintaining my pace while running, they seem fairly pointless while I’m on a walk. When I went to turn them off, it was a little confusing figuring out where to find the setting. I thought I’d share a post here in case it helps someone else turn of Apple Watch splits.

The video below goes through the steps to find and turn off Apple Watch splits, but you can also see the steps detailed later on in this post.

The first thing you need to do is open the fitness app on your Apple Watch. I have this on my watch face by default, but you can also find it in the app cluster. Once you are there, locate the Outdoor Walk, Indoor Walk, or whichever other workout where you want to turn off split times.

Tap on the three dots on the right side of the walk to customize it.

You Apple Watch then presents you with the option to choose the Open goal, Distance goal, Time goal, or Calorie goal. Tapping on the Pencil icon opens up the editor so you can make adjustments.

In the Alerts section, you can modify alerts for Heart Rate, Time, or Splits. The Splits section is where you can disable alerts for split times.

Once you are in the Splits Alert section, just tap the slider so it is no longer green and you won’t see split notifications for that workout type anymore.

If you use more than one workout, you will need to repeat this for each workout type.

By Jake

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