Disabling AutoPlay

How do I disable Autoplay from opening every time I plug in my digital camera or a USB thumb drive?
Autoplay serves a potentially useful purpose in letting you select which application takes control of a CD, USB drive, or flash memory card. When AutoPlay is enabled on your PC, any CD containing an Autorun.inf file will automatically launch its primary purpose as soon as the CD is inserted in a drive or USB cable is connected to a port.

DVD Ripping Guide

“How do I rip a DVD?” or sometimes, “how do I copy a DVD to my hard drive?”
These are two of the most frequently asked questions I receive on a weekly basis. Whether you’re making a backup copy of your DVDs to keep the original from getting scratched or trying to build a library of movies on your hard drive to create your own personal movie jukebox, I find Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum to be one of the most comprehensive solutions around. The software is optimized for automatically creating versions of your DVDs playable on your PC, iPod, PSP, or simply for playing on a burned DVD. For foreign movies, you can even add the subtitles to versions for portable players so you can easily follow along while you’re traveling.