Copy Songs from iPod to Zune

Bebe asks, “Is it possible to transfer music from an iPod to a Zune?”
There’s no direct way to copy files from an iPod to a Zune. Files purchased from iTunes music store will not play on a Zune, just as files purchased from Zune Marketplace won’t play on an iPod. Using one of several combinations of software, you can get any MP3 files stored on an iPod onto a Zune.

Playing iTunes Music on a PSP

Andy writes, “I purchased songs from iTunes Music Store and I locked all of my songs so my sister couldn’t use them, and now I don’t know how to unlock them. We are now only using one user on Windows XP. Would you know how to unlock these songs so I can play them on my PSP?”
iTunes Music Store songs not playing on your PSP isn’t something you did specifically; it’s by design. Apple uses copy protection on all items purchased through the iTunes Store in order to prevent you from playing the songs anywhere but on your iPod or on an authorized Mac or PC. Sony’s PSP is not an iTunes supported device. If your PSP is the primary device you plan to use for playing back songs on the go, I would suggest buying CDs and ripping them rather than relying on iTunes as your method of song acquisition. You spend less time working with your music files to get them where you want and more time actually listening or doing something fun.
There is a legal (although somewhat time consuming) way around this problem.

iTunes 7 is Broken or How iTunes Store Ate My Zuma Download

I purchased the new 80GB iPod 5.5G model today because I need to do some video testing with it. Along the way I figured I’d download a movie and a game to see how the new store features work. The purchase experience and the user interface are both horrid. After buying Zuma twice, I had to enable interface features to even find the game in iTunes. I’m someone who looks at software UI every day, how are normal people dealing with this?
I started out purchasing a copy of Mulan with my card on file in the iTunes store and then proceeded to purchase Zuma. All seems good. Looking in my Purchased folder, I can see the episode of Desperate Housewives I purchased last year when Apple first announced video sales and Mulan, which is currently downloading. No Zuma.