Updating RSS Feeds for Podcasts

Sammy says, “I have produced my first podcast, and it is now listed with iTunes. My dumb question is what do I do with the second edition? I have recorded my second podcast, uploaded it to my server, and have created the RSS file for the second podcast. But I don’t know what to do with that second RSS file. Do I upload it to my server, and put the number 2 on it? How do I get iTunes to recognize that there is now a second podcast available? As I said, I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but I have scoured a dozen “learn to podcast” sites, but none talk about posting a podcast, BEYOND the first one.”

This is most definitely not a stupid question. One of the most confusing things about creating RSS feeds in general is the process of creating them in the first place. When you create your RSS feed, you are essentially creating a running list of entries rather pointing to each new entry with a corresponding new RSS file. Ideally, you don’t want to manually edit this file at all, you want software to the work of adding new information to the RSS feed and properly appending it.

iTunes Podcast Smart Playlists

Apple did many things right in their support for podcasting in iTunes. For instance, if you listen to a podcast in iTunes and then browse away to something else in iTunes, when you return, the podcast picks up where you left off. Configuration options for syncing podcasts with an iPod work well for managing large subscription lists. It’s easy to keep the latest episodes on your iPod, while leaving plenty of space for music. iTunes podcast support istn’t without a few flaws. Apple forgot to enable the ability to manage podcasts using Smart Playlists. There is a way to make them work.