How to Play DVDs in Windows XP Media Player

“I just got a DVD drive for my computer. I have Windows XP and I can’t get Windows Media Player to play any of my DVDs. What do I need to do to enable DVD playing in Windows Media Player?”
Windows Media Player requires a specific codec pack to be installed on your computer in order for DVD playback to work. There are several companies that offer this type of codec pack for sale.

Taskkill Replacement for Windows XP Home

“taskkill works great in XP Pro, but how do you accomplish the same thing on XP Home system?”
If you want to quickly kill off running processes from the command line in Windows XP Professional, taskkill.exe is a great way to get the job done. XP Home does not include this utility, only including the more limited tkill.exe instead. Microsoft does provide a free solution to this via their acquisition of the Sysinternals team.