VR Goggles with iPod Video

I see visions of fan sites in Phil Torrone’s future. PT is a living super-smart sci-fi character bending technology to his will. A less conflicted Tony Stark for Marvel fans or maybe a hip incarnation of Mr. Wizard. His latest project combines the newly released iPod video with a set of virtual reality goggles, creating an immersive experience out of eyeglass-sized LCD screens and a pocket sized hard drive. By the time the market is ready for this creation, the drive will be jacked into our skulls and the glasses will be a portable to another dimension. In the meantime, you can impress your friends and get the odd glance from fellow travelers on the way to another dimension destination.

MP4, The New MP3 of Video

I haven’t said much about Apple’s announcement of a Video iPod because it was both inevitable and not news. We’ve had similar portable video players for years at this point. My old Archos Jukebox Multimedia, which lives on as a portable hard drive, being one of the earliest examples. In fact, Archos continues to lead in the portable video player space with video recording built-in to most of their units.