TaskBlaze – Time Tracking your Tasks

I complete quite a few tasks over the course of any given day. Researching and writing articles, dealing with advertising, tweaking settings on various sites. What I don’t do is keep very accurate track of how much time I’m spending on each task. Just the other night, someone asked me how much time I spent doing things during my day – I don’t really have a clue because I’ve never tracked it. I make a list of things I need to get done (typically using Outlook’s Tasks feature), checking off completed items as I go. Getting a better handle on how much time I’m spending on specific tasks would certainly help determine if I’m using my time effectively. I recently discovered TaskBlaze, which helps track time spent on all those little tasks throughout the day. The app requires Outlook and automatically tracks your time as you work on projects. Enter the name of a task in one box, and any categories for the task in a second box. Hit the start button and get to work. When you complete the task, click stop and TaskBlaze writes the time spent on the task to your Outlook calendar, with categories assigned for later organization. It’s a simple solution and it seems to work flawlessly for what it does. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]

Turn off blocked photos in Outlook

Joe writes, How do I eliminate the statement “some pictures have been blocked to prevent the sender from identifying your computer” It’s really irritating to have to “cross it out” on most of my messages. I have active virus protection and a firewall. I would like to see the pictures like I did for several years on my old computer.
Microsoft enabled that option by default on recent versions of both Outlook and Outlook Express specifically because some spammers use a blank image file to identify valid email addresses. In very unscientific tests of my own email accounts, I haven’t found having the feature turned on or off does anything to reduce the junk in my inbox. I do find it annoying that the warning makes some messages unreadable and generally turn it off because the cure is more annoying than any potential disease in this case. Depending on whether you use Outlook Express or Outlook, the steps for disabling picture blocking will vary slightly.