Microtrack Firmware Update

After using M-Audio’s Microtrack 24/96 to record all The Chris Pirillo Show interviews for CES 2006, I’m convinced it’s officially the best portable recorder on the market. XLR connectors like those found on the Marantz PMD660 would be nice, but M-Audio did a better job of making it painless to configure audio levels to avoid clipping, so they win my vote. Pocket size is another great reason to choose the Microtrack. Like many portable devices, keeping the firmware up-to-date is crucial to getting a great experience when using the Microtrack in the field. On December 19, 2005, M-Audio released the most recent update, which included some minor fixes for accurately displaying space left on the CF card and improved formatting of CompactFlash media. If you own a Microtrack recorder but never updated your firmware, now is the time.

Podcasting Photo by Patrick Breitenbach

12 Ways to Promote Your Podcast

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