Camtasia Studio

When I need to demonstrate how to do something in Windows, I use Camtasia. The record process is a piece of cake; I launch the Camtasia Recorder, start recording, and capture every step on the screen. When recording is finished, I launch Camtasia Studio and turn the raw recording into a professional tutorial. Fully functional editing tools make it easy to remove errors or eliminate places where Windows spends too much time thinking. Captioning tools make it easy to add descriptive text and callouts throughout a presentation. The narration feature is great for doing a voice-over to verbally explain complicated steps. Output formats include WMV, MOV, SWF, Real, AVI, animated GIF, and EXE. The menu maker function builds self-running CD menus, with support for multiple content types and custom interfacing. Outstanding software compression keeps file sizes down, making sure long tutorials will fit on CD or stream quickly from the Web. If you provide tech support to users or sell Web services or software requiring some level of customer education, Camtasia is a huge time saver over repeatedly walking people through common instructions.