About Jake Ludington

I don’t write on JakeLudington.com as much as I used to because I’ve moved my attention to other projects. Sometime in 2021 I got interested in what’s happening in the Web3 space when I noticed that people were building some really interesting things that have the potential to change the way the Web works. Something about the energy of Web3 reminds me of the enthusiasm that surrounded the early days of the Internet. My own research led me to writing freelance articles about these new developments for The New Stack. In May 2022, I joined WeTransfer as Director of Product Management for a newly formed Web3 division.

Much of my spare writing time is dedicated to writing fiction that I intend to publish once I’m happy with the end result. During the pandemic, I took up journaling in an old fashioned paper notebook, which I’ve also found to be an interesting way to explore how I put words on a page. For all my writing endeavors, I find long walks are among the best solutions for getting me unstuck.

typewriter and old boots

Past Work

I’m the author of numerous tutorials designed to simplify multimedia creation and publishing tasks. My first book, Easy Digital Home Movies, published in 2004 by Que, taught video editing to novices novices, converting old VHS tapes to DVD, and more. I’m also the author of the best-selling Podcasting Starter Kit, a comprehensive guide to podcasting, along with many other multimedia tutorials.

Over the years, my writing has appeared in a number of publications including Popular Science, PC Today, and InformIT. If you’re curious to find something I’ve written, the most comprehensive source is probably a Google search for Jake Ludington.

What readers are saying:

I’m never disappointed with your publication, keep up the great work. You answer before I even ask! – S. G. S.

I’m sure this will be the best $$$ I’ll spend this year. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me!!!!!!

Thanks for providing an awesome “quick read” resource for technology news! I look forward to seeing what else you find and/or come up with in the future!

I have learned a great deal over the years. Thank you.

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