Copy Songs from iPod to Zune

Bebe asks, “Is it possible to transfer music from an iPod to a Zune?”
There’s no direct way to copy files from an iPod to a Zune. Files purchased from iTunes music store will not play on a Zune, just as files purchased from Zune Marketplace won’t play on an iPod. Using one of several combinations of software, you can get any MP3 files stored on an iPod onto a Zune.

Zune as A Hard Drive – Maybe Not?

One of several things that didn’t come out well in my Zune photos was the experience of plugging it into Windows XP and Windows Vista RC1 boxes with the USB cable. I tried connecting the Zune to my laptop with XP installed and I tried connecting it to a box running Vista RC1. On my laptop, the standard “Windows has found a new device” dialog popped up and asked me to install drivers. In all fairness, I’m running Windows Media Player 11 beta 2 on my laptop, so maybe Zune isn’t plugged into the beta code just yet, but I thought the whole push from Microsoft to make MTP the standard for portable devices was to make sure the media player experience was just as seamless as the digital camera experience is. My iRiver Clix works great with WMP11 Beta 2, no extra drivers required.

Zune and iPod Photo Comparison

I got face time with a Zune this weekend and decided to look at how the form factor compares to the 80GB iPod I picked up a few days ago. The Zune weighs considerably less than the iPod, although I didn’t have a scale on hand to get exact comparison. It felt like the Zune was more comparable to my Cingular 2125 phone, while the iPod weighs quite a bit more. The full collection of photos is on the Web.