Zune Lacks Audible Support

I logged into my Audible account for the first time in ages and downloaded some things I’d been meaning to listen to. When I went to sync them with my Zune, my efforts came to a screeching hault. Apparently the Zune team forgot that people care about audio books. On some level this is no surprise, because they also forgot that people care about podcasts, but you would think the longest running downloadable audio store on the Internet (Audible) would have been given a bit more consideration. There is a workaround for this, which I documented with previous players lacking Audible support.
My Zune has been my primary player for several months, because I like the Zune Pass. I’m officially back in two portable player mode again, because my iPod now has my Audible content and my Zune has my Zune Pass subscription content. I’m seriously considering dumping the Zune and going back to the rip-a-CD method of song imports. The Zune team will likely tell me I’m not the target demographic for their player, which is stupid, because I’m in the demographic that spends money on downloadable content.