Spacing Around!

Leaving the scene of a web page for the scroll function of the mouse can be a waste of effort. Why isn’t there a scroll wheel on the keyboard? Well, a very select few come with a built-in scroll wheel, but it’s usually just a justification of adding to the price of a relatively high-profit-margin item already. What if I told you there was a scroll wheel already built-in to your keyboard? The humble spacebar is coded to act as a fast scroll in Safari, Firefox, and many other Mac applications. When viewing a page that’s longer than the window, just tap the spacebar and it’ll jump–useful for scrolling a long window quickly.

Firefox Bookmark Shortcuts

So I’ve got the Open Apple Bookmark key in Safari, but what if I use Firefox?

As those of us using a Mac are ahead of the game already, many of us are using the open-source (read: Free) web browser Firefox. As I explained in my last column regarding the Open Apple “D” to bookmark a web site in Safari, I like doing things as simply as possible. Thoreau’s mandate of “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify” is especially true in the world of I.T., but alas, is often not meant to be. But enough about gates, windows and other hardware construction.