Firefox and Safari Toolbar Shortcuts

The Bookmarks Toolbar Folder in Firefox and the corresponding Bookmarks Bar in Safari can provide a quick shortcut to commonly-accessed bookmarks, instead of scrolling down through sometimes many dozen (or hundreds, in my case, but no–I’m not really that disorganized…) bookmarks in search of your financial page or family homepage. When bookmarking a site, it goes into a long list, accessed through the Bookmarks menu. When bookmarking a site, a menu asks you where you’d like to save it. The default location is in the Bookmarks menu, but this window contains a pull-down menu in which “Bookmarks Toolbar” is an option.

This saves the bookmark in a slim bar below the address bar ( as a 1-click button to take you right to the site you need. I keep my financial bookmarks, theater movie listing sites and search engines loaded up in mine.

You can even rename them, so instead of a long, convoluted name specified by the site, you can just rename it “Visa” or “Homepage.” To do that in Safari, right-click (or Ctrl-click, for one-button users), select “Edit Name” and you now have a 1-button shortcut to a commonly-used link. Saves time and frustration, both valuable commodities in the often-convoluted digital world. [Britt Godwin]