Can I upload MP3 or WMA audio files to YouTube?

“I have audio files from my band’s recording session that I want to put on YouTube. Every time I try to upload the files YouTube gives me an invalid file format error. I’ve tried both MP3 and WMA formats with the same error message. How can I upload my band’s MP3 music tracks to YouTube?”
While YouTube may be among the best places on the Internet to find music by your favorite artist, it is not a music site. YouTube is a video site. The YouTube upload tool expects you to upload a video file format of some kind. YouTube specifically accepts MP4, MPG, AVI, MOV and WMV file formats. For your music files (or something like spoken audio from a speech) to upload successfully to YouTube, you need to convert it to a video format. Below are options that will make a video file with software from either a Mac or Windows PC.

Make YouTube Videos Look Better

YouTube is starting to roll out higher resolution versions of videos on the site. What this means for viewers is text that looks crisp; improved sound quality; and video that loses some of those soft moments and blocky transitions we’ve come to expect from watching YouTube videos. There are two ways to get better video from YouTube, depending on whether you do or do not have a YouTube account.