Link to a Specific Time in a YouTube video

“Is there an easy way to link to a specific time in a YouTube video. For instance, I want my boss to watch something starting at about five minutes into a video, but don’t want to waste his time with the first five minutes.”

I’m sure your boss will appreciate your concern for his time. Here’s hoping the subject matter of the video is actually relevant to your work. 😉 YouTube makes it incredibly easy to start a video from a specific point in time by adding some additional text to the end of the URL.

To link to a specific time in a YouTube video, first go to the YouTube page where the video is located. Be sure this is the individual page for the video, not the channel page for the person who created the video. You will know you are on the individual video page because the URL will be followed by a bunch of seemingly random characters like those in the screenshot below.

Image showing where to find the video ID for a YouTube video

Immediately after the last character, you need to add a #t=0m30s. Replace the zero in my example with the actual minute you want to start with and the thirty with the actual number of seconds. For my screenshot example, the final link would look like: which you could then email and have the linked video start 30 seconds from the beginning