Blu-ray Burner for Mac Systems

Blu-ray Burner for Mac If you’ve been waiting for a Blu-ray burner to add to your Mac toolset, MCE has finally brought that wait to a close with their new 6x Blu-ray Recordable Drive for Mac Pro and Power Mac systems. Still no love if you’re using a MacBook, but it’s a good start. Of course, simply having a burner only gets you part of the way, if you really want a useful Blu-ray burning experience with your Mac, you also need a copy of Toast Titanium. MCE offers a Blu-ray burning plug-in for Toast that ties the whole thing together. In theory this also adds Blu-ray and HD-DVD playback to your Mac, although I’m not aware of any software that plays either format on a Mac for now. The standalone drive currently goes for $499, or $599 if you want a copy of Toast with it. There’s also an external drive for $749, but you could likely make your own using the internal drive and a DIY external drive case (which would make the drive function with your MacBook).

AMD Live! Home Cinema Changes Home Theather PC Market

MSI AMD Live! Home Cinema Motherboard and Soundcard The home theater PC market has been rather dull for several years. Sure you can get a sound card with 7.1 surround sound, but they’ve generally been noisier than I’d want in my own home theater. You can purchase video cards that output to an HDTV and support HDCP, but the experience hasn’t been on par with using home theater components. At Computex 2008, AMD is showing off a couple of new boards from MSI that change the game in important fundamental ways.

Can I Play a Blu-ray Disc in My DVD Player?

“I have an HDTV and want to watch more movies in HD. Blockbuster says it rents high definition Bluray movies. My question is, can I play a Bluray disk in my DVD player and watch it on my HDTV?”
Unless your current DVD player is a Blu-ray player, it won’t play Blu-ray discs. Blu-ray discs, while similar in appearance to standard DVDs, require a special blue laser to play the contents of the disc. Unfortunately this is somewhat complicated because there are several versions of Blu-ray discs and not all Blu-ray players can play all Blu-ray discs. If you’re planning to buy a Blu-ray player in the near future, the PlayStation 3 game console is the only safe choice – it’s currently the one Blu-ray player on the market that’s software upgradeable to support any future changes to the format.
It’s also worth pointing out here that your current DVD player will not play HD-DVDs either. You would need an HD-DVD player. Also, except for a couple of overpriced units that play both, you’d need a separate HD-DVD player for HD-DVDs and Blu-ray player for Blu-ray discs.
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