Can I play DVDs on my Blu-ray laptop drive?

“Can I play normal discs on Blu-ray drive in my laptop?”
Blu-ray laptop drives vary by manufacturer, so there will be some differences between the Blu-ray drive in a Sony Viao laptop and an HP laptop, for instance. Generally speaking all Blu-ray drives found in portable computers offer additional playback options for playing both DVD media as well as playing back CDs. You would need to check the specifications on the Blu-ray player in your laptop to determine which types of discs it supports, but there are several common configurations.

The most common configurations for Blu-ray players in laptop and notebook computers are:
Playback support for Blu-ray, DVD+R, DVD-R, and CD.
Playback support for Blu-ray combined with playback and burning support for DVDs, as well as CD playback and CD burning support.
Playback support for Blu-ray combined with Blu-ray burning, DVD playback, DVD burning, CD playback and CD burning.
In each case, you will also need the appropriate software to play Blu-ray and DVD discs.