Playing iTunes Music on a PSP

Andy writes, “I purchased songs from iTunes Music Store and I locked all of my songs so my sister couldn’t use them, and now I don’t know how to unlock them. We are now only using one user on Windows XP. Would you know how to unlock these songs so I can play them on my PSP?”
iTunes Music Store songs not playing on your PSP isn’t something you did specifically; it’s by design. Apple uses copy protection on all items purchased through the iTunes Store in order to prevent you from playing the songs anywhere but on your iPod or on an authorized Mac or PC. Sony’s PSP is not an iTunes supported device. If your PSP is the primary device you plan to use for playing back songs on the go, I would suggest buying CDs and ripping them rather than relying on iTunes as your method of song acquisition. You spend less time working with your music files to get them where you want and more time actually listening or doing something fun.
There is a legal (although somewhat time consuming) way around this problem.

Tivo ToGo for PSP and iPod Video

I’m not a huge fan of paying for media conversion software that’s technically already available for free in other variants, but if it makes my life easier, $25 is a small price to pay. Tivo Desktop already connects you up with any of the many Windows Media compatible devices to watch Tivo recorded shows on the go. They’ve recently added the Tivo Desktop Plus, which now supports output for both iPod and PSP hardware, as well as Treo and Nokia cell phones. This gets you support for converting all Tivo ToGo shows in a format compatible for your devices without the configuration hassle associated with some of the free alternatives. Output formats are available as either MPEG-4 or H.264.

MLB ’06: The Show

“Here is your chance to sit comfortably in your arm chair and quarter back to your hearts content, or the park, or your car at lunch hour and even during break in the corporate bathroom”.