Getting Microsoft into Podcasting

A group of Windows Media enthusiasts, including Chris, Joel, Jason and I engaged in a very passionate discussion about podcasting with several members of the Windows Media product team. From my perspective, Microsoft already has all the tools they need to make Windows Media Player work as a podcasting subscription app. MTP is the perfect device syncing solution. Auto playlists do most of the work of keeping the latest stuff properly organized. All we really need is a clean subscription mechanism to interface with the player. With Chris and I moving to Seattle next month, I hope to continue the dialog with MS about this and bring local podcasters like Dave and PT into the next round of pleading. The tools for making podcasts need simplification too, but like any content creation medium, there will always be more podcast listeners than there are podcasters; if we don’t make it easier for people to listen, this stuff isn’t going to catch on like it should.