Download K-MP3

A big frustration with digital music files is proper classification and labeling. The pay services don’t offer consistent labeling and information and the built-in services for acquiring album info from Windows Media Player and iTunes are less than perfect (especially for indie music and classical recordings). As a result, doing manual edits of ID3 tags remains a necessary evil. The app I currently use for this task is K-MP3. The app strips inaccurate tags, cleans up jumbled naming conventions, offers decent file organization, and of course offers direct access to editing ID3 tags for individual files or on a per-album basis. Data is pulled from freedb, which is my personal preference for ID3 information because I can submit album details for more obscure works. Create playlists and generate an entire list of your audio song library in XML or database ready formats to work with data outside K-MP3. An Expert version of K-MP3 also includes quality analysis, de-duplication, a search for finding files with incomplete tag info, and a “Magic Folder” to quickly organize files. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]