Breakin’ Stuff Destroys my PalmOS Phone

Watch Breakin’ Stuff Smash My Phone

When you keep old technology long enough, the reason you owned it in the first place slips into memory. I had a Kyocera 6036 PalmOS phone several years ago. I loved being able to access a server via SSH from my phone, but the thing weighed over a pound and ultimately got replaced by smaller phones with more features. The 6036 sat in a box and moved from an apartment in Des Moines, IA to a house in Des Moines, IA to my current residence in Seattle, WA. This week, the phone became the latest technology tragedy in the Breakin’ Stuff series from The Bleeding Edge. Traveling 160+ MPH into a wall, the phone still functions after first impact and requires another 160 MPH impact before it meets it’s demise.