ZVUE Download Store for Portable Media Players

Handheld Entertainment, the company behind the ZVUE line of portable media players is extending their reach beyond their own product line. The company did a smart thing when they released a video download store and portable players at the same time ala Apple’s iPod and iTunes Music Store. Now they’ve taken things up a notch, offering downloads for other portable players too. The original ZVUE devices support video at 160×120. The download store now supports 320×240 video for any PlaysForSure compliant portable media player, as well as the 160×120 video size. This is an interesting move in a market where everyone typically tries to create their own little universe where everything breaks when you try to step outside. In addition to videos available for paid download, there’s tons of free content including a nice selection of indie flicks and an archive full of old films and cartoons. All videos are available from zvue.com.