Easy Guitar Hero Xbox 360 Achievements

I’m always looking for an easy way to run up my Xbox 360 Achievements while playing games I like. Guitar Hero 2 for Xbox 360 offers an easy 60 Achievement points with very minimal effort required.

Long Road Ahead – This is the easiest achievement in Guitar Hero. Start a song in easy mode and walk away till the song ends. You’ll lose the song but you get 10 points. Combine this with Lefty Flip or the 8x multiplier described below to get maximum achievements with minimal effort.

Extra Credit Award – Viewing the credits might be easier than losing an Easy song. Browse to the credits, open them up and play through until the end for 10 points. Just don’t turn off the credits until the Achievement toast pops up or you will have to start over at the beginning.

Hendrix Award – play any song in Easy mode with the Lefty Flip turned on. Go to the Video Options and turn on lefty flip. Play a song on easy with the flip turned on for a quick 10 points.

Rock School Grad – Tutorials suck, but they might help you beat other parts of the game and you get 10 points for playing through all of them. The hammer on trick is actually good for running up your score a bit later in the game.

Scoremonger Award – this one requires you to play a song, but if you do it on easy and play Surrender, getting the 8x multiplier is a piece of cake. You’ll cruise through these 10 points with no problem. If you want to stack points in a single song, play until you get 8x multiplier to unlock this and then just skip the notes to get booed off the stage to score the Long Road Ahead.

Teacher’s Pet Award – Practice 3 songs for 10 points. You don’t have to be good at them and you can choose a very short section of each song. This one might take about 60 seconds per song.