Fixing HP Printer 14 No EP Cart Error Message

“I have an HP LaserJet 4 printer with the error message 14 No EP Cart . I recently replaced the ink cartridge, ran ‘self test’ on the printer, now the message 14 No EP Cart won’t go away. The printer will not print. Help.”

There are several possible causes for the 14 No EP Cart error message that vary by HP printer model. For HP LaserJet 4 series printers, the likely cause is one of three things:

  1. The new toner cartridge may be defective.
  2. The high voltage unit in your printer may be defective.
  3. The contacts in the printer or on the printer cartridge are dirty or misaligned.

Issues 1 and 3 are the most common, especially when you’re simply changing out the toner cartridge. The key thing to look for is whether the metal rod on the bottom left side of the cartridge is making proper contact with the printer.

close-up photo of the metal rod on an HP toner cartridge.

You may need to clean the contacts in the printer or adjust the metal rod to get the toner cartridge to seat properly. This is a problem more common to recycled cartridges because parts can get damaged through all the handling.

Here are some other common issues for all HP Printers related to the 14 No EP Cart Error Message.

  • Print rollers in tray 2 and tray 3 are worn.
  • You need to change all feed rollers.
  • Toner cartridge not fully seated or not installed.
  • Toner sensor tabs missing.
  • Defective toner cartridge.
  • A defective paper control PCA.