How to Rotate a Video in iMovie

“Is there a way I can rotate a video I recorded with my digital camera? I recorded a movie sideways with my digital camera and now I need a way to turn the video right side up. I’m using iMovie, but it doesn’t seem to have a rotate feature.”

You are correct that Apple doesn’t include a Rotate tool in the Video FX. Fortunately, there’s an excellent freeware solution you can download and install that adds a rotate effect to iMovie. You’ll want to make sure you have iMovie HD or iMovie 6 on your computer, because that’s what you’ll be editing with instead of the new iMovie 08. You can track down iMovie 6 on the Apple Website, if you don’t have a version of it available. Watch the tutorial video to see how to step through rotating your movie clip in iMovie.

Once you have iMovie installed, you’ll also need to download Turn Clip, which is the Video FX add-on that rotates your video clip in iMovie.

Once you have your video clip on the iMovie timeline, click the Editing tab above the timeline and then click on the Video FX to locate the cf/x (universal) > Turn Clip effect.

Turn Clip video FX configuration

Choose the Rotation Angle and Media Type and click OK.

Turn Clip rotation settings

After you finish choosing the rotation angle, click Apply and wait for iMovie to render the effect.

Turn Clip apply settings in iMovie

Once the effect is rendered, you can either save your movie or finish editing it.