AVerTV DVB-T Volar M Mac OS X TV Tuner

Aver Mac TV Tuner The number of choices available for tuning television on a Mac remain rather limited, so it’s good to see AVerMedia crossing over from the Windows world to provide a Mac solution. At Computex 2008, AVerMedia showed off the new AVerTV DVB-T tuner for Mac OS X. It works with the Mac remote, integrating easily into existing systems. The DVB-T solution connects via USB, with additional “rabbit ears” antenna that clips on the top of a MacBook and easily folds away for travel. While this doesn’t expand the device choices for the US market, since there is no DVB-T in the US, it shows a promise of things to come as AVerMedia plans to adapt the existing DVB-T tuner into something that functions with US television standards later this year. The device also works with Windows. Pricing should be available later this month.
Aver Mac TV Tuner mounted on Macbook