Where can you download RealPlayer for Free?

“Where can you download RealPlayer for free to a computer?
RealPlayer is available for free directly from Real.com, although it takes some digging around to find the version that isn’t merely a free trial of the RealPlayer Plus. For a page that goes directly to free versions for most operating systems, including Mac, Windows and Linux, try this page of free RealPlayer downloads. Keep in mind this free version still requires you to register with Real in order to use it and it lacks a few features.

For a more complete version of RealPlayer, you need to either pay for RealPlayer Plus, or sign up for the SuperPass, which includes a free version of RealPlayer Plus as part of the package.
The major differences between RealPlayer Free and RealPlayer Plus are the ability to burn DVDs, the ability to convert files to other formats, and the ability to record audio and video.