How do I Move Songs from an External Drive to iTunes?

“How do I move songs from an external drive to iTunes?”
There are two possible answers to this question depending on whether you want the songs available in iTunes anytime the external drive is connected to your computer, or if you want the songs available in iTunes even when the external drive is disconnected to your computer.

How can I make iTunes rip CDs as MP3s?

“When I rip my CDs with iTunes, the AAC files it creates won’t work in my car’s MP3 CD player. How can I rip CDs as MP3s instead of AAC files?”
Apple defaults to ripping AAC files because that’s the format it encourages iPod owners to use. For maximum compatibility with devices like Sony’s PSP, your car stereo, and even most non-iPod portable media players, MP3 is a safer choice.

Hotel Chevalier – Free Video Download

Hotel Chevalier Director Wes Anderson of Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, and The Life Aquatic fame, offers a brilliant marketing piece for his new film The Darjeeling Limited. Hotel Chevalier is a 10 minute short film starring Jason Schwartzmann and Natalie Portman, setting the stage for the first act of The Darjeeling Limited. The marketing genius is Anderson and Fox Searchlight Pictures are giving away Hotel Chevalier free on iTunes. The short features Portman’s character, the unnamed ex-girlfriend to Schwartzman’s character Jack, coming to say goodbye on her way to the airport, which sets the stage for the events that take place in The Darjeeling Limited.


If you connect your iPod to more than one computer on a regular basis or if you move tracks between computers, you’ve seen the iTunes message offering to delete files from your iPod. This is theoretically Apple’s way of protecting themselves from being associated with piracy, but it’s a lousy user experience in almost every case. YamiPod provides a great alternative to the iTunes interface, running as a standalone app for managing songs on an iPod. You can even copy YamiPod to your iPod and run it from any computer. Copy songs to and from any Windows, Mac or Linux computer with YamiPod. Update and manage playlists. Play songs from your iPod through your computer speakers. Add lyrics to songs. Manage existing notes or add additional notes all from one central interface. YamiPod is a solid alternative to iTunes as an iPod interface, but you can use it in combination with iTunes so that you get the benefit of multiple computer connections as well as iTunes interfacing for paid downloads. [Windows/Mac OS X/Linux $0.00]