Locate Audio in Email

Greg writes, In Outlook Express I sometimes get music with the message. Is there a way to grab the music from the message? Such as MIDI,MP3 and WAV. Some of the music is really neat and I would really like to save it.
To locate and save an audio file embedded in an email message, you need to discover the source of the audio file. Typically, the source location is a Web address on the Internet, although occasionally the file is attached to the actual email message. If the file is attached to the message, you can easily save the attachment. For embedded files, you need to do some detective work.

Microsoft Drops Windows Media Player from Mac

There’s a hot discussion about Microsoft dropping support for the Mac version of Windows Media Player going on over at Robert Scoble’s blog. As usual, the Mac bigots are making wild claims about Apple’s higher ground and the smarminess of Microsoft’s plans for world domination. I posted the news about Microsoft opting to promote the…… Continue reading Microsoft Drops Windows Media Player from Mac

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