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A43 File management utility offers a clever alternative to the native Windows Explorer. The file browsing component includes a feature to create your own favorite folders list and the search function is a cleaner alternative to that annoying search puppy. Built-in zip compression extraction including the ability to unRAR files is definitely appealing, if you don’t need your own copy of WinRAR for compressing files and folders. A text editor isn’t as fully featured as something like UltraEdit, but does an adequate job of tweaking text. A hex viewer provides quick access to peering inside music, movie and compiled binary files to get more information about the files. Using the multiple pane interface is easier for manipulating directories than using numerous instances of Windows Explorer and who could overlook the quirky charm to the A43 icon, which looks like a Windows 3.1 directory tree. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]

By Jake

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