Removing the Search Puppy

Rover and the cast of animated characters Microsoft includes to assist in the search process are cute, but they don’t really improve the search experience. I’m sure someone at Microsoft thought this holdover from Microsoft Bob was a more friendly way to define the search process in Windows Explorer, but I find it slows down getting to the actual search. Instead of waiting for the dog to perform his tricks each time you want to find a file, you can give the puppy away to a good home back in the bowels of the Windows operating system. When the puppy love fades, removing Rover is easy.
Click the Search button on the toolbar.
Right-click Rover.
Select Turn off the animated character from the menu.
choose animated character
If you can’t live without animated assistance, add some variety by replacing Rover with one of his friends.
Click the Search button on the toolbar. Right-click Rover and click Choose a different animated character. Browse the available characters, like the cat that might appeal to your feline sensibilities. Click OK when you find a new favorite.
search Kitty