Who hasn’t wanted to morph their boss into a monkey at some point? Morphing photos is one of the few photo editing tricks I still find fun. This app makes it easy, allowing you to identify specific reference points on photos and morph them together. Add backgrounds to make transitions seem more natural. Export morph movies to AVI, GIF, SWF, or HTML. Minor image edits, like red-eye removal, rotation, and brightness and contrast adjustment allow you to tweak images before morphing. [Windows 2k/XP/Vista $29.99]

DVD X Copy Pulled From Shelves

The DVD X Copy saga is at an end. February 27, 2004 was the deadline for 321 Studios to stop selling copies of any version of the software containing code for ripping CSS-protected DVDs. The software will continue to be marketed without ripping capability, which means only being able to backup DVDs lacking CSS protection. The judgment impacts more than just the DVD X Copy customer base, however, creating a platform for the MPAA to target consumers of all DVD ripping solutions. It also represents the biggest missed opportunity for the Motion Picture Association to date.

Terry Tate

Remember the Office Linebacker from a Super Bowl past? You know, Reebok’s clever attempt at keeping office slackers in check? He’s back with a new 3-minute short film. This one isn’t quite as funny as previous episodes (which are available for viewing with registration). Bleeped swearing was apparently necessary by someone’s standards, so I suppose this merits an office warning. Thanks to Sean Alexander for the tip.

DVD Ripping Guide

“How do I rip a DVD?” or sometimes, “how do I copy a DVD to my hard drive?”
These are two of the most frequently asked questions I receive on a weekly basis. Whether you’re making a backup copy of your DVDs to keep the original from getting scratched or trying to build a library of movies on your hard drive to create your own personal movie jukebox, I find Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum to be one of the most comprehensive solutions around. The software is optimized for automatically creating versions of your DVDs playable on your PC, iPod, PSP, or simply for playing on a burned DVD. For foreign movies, you can even add the subtitles to versions for portable players so you can easily follow along while you’re traveling.