Gen8 ProLiant MicroServer Arrives

Several months ago, Shab Madina from HP walked me through the features of the new Gen8 ProLiant MicroServer. It’s positioned to be a server for the small business market, but it’s powerful enough that it makes a great solution for many purposes and affordable enough that it would work as a home office server too. Based on Shab’s explanation of the MicroServer, I called it a great small business server.
Last week a Gen8 ProLiant MicroServer arrived on my doorstep, provided to me by HP so that I can provide a complete review.

HP Firebird with Voodoo DNA

HP Firebird with Voodoo DNA I don’t normally get excited about gaming systems. For the HP Firebird I’m making an exception. HP has done something interesting by rolling out a high performance gaming PC with a highly reasonable price.