Watch Amazon Unbox on Your Xbox 360

“Can I watch Amazon Unbox movies on my Xbox 360?”
Amazon Unbox videos will playback on your Xbox 360 by streaming them from any Windows computer with Windows Media Player 11 installed. This is a really convenient way to get a larger selection of downloadable movies than what’s currently offered by Xbox Live Video Marketplace. Unlike streaming DivX AVI movies, which also works with the Zune software, you need to use Windows Media Player 11 to make the following steps work. Older versions of Windows Media Player will also not work.

Using Xbox Live Vision Camera with Windows

“Can I use the Xbox 360 Live Vision camera as a Webcam with my Windows computer?”
In a word, yes. You can use the Xbox Live Vision camera as a webcam with Windows XP or Windows Vista. After you connect the Live Vision camera to a USB port on your computer, the Found New Hardware Wizard should launch automatically. Choose the option to let Windows Update find the driver automatically. Once the driver is installed, the Live Vision camera should work with any software that supports USB cameras, like Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc.

Xbox 360 Controller Windows Drivers

” I want to play games on my PC with an Xbox 360 controller, but I need a driver compatible with my Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit.”
Both Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit are supposed to find the Xbox 360 controller drivers and install them automatically when you connect the controller for the first time. This doesn’t always work flawlessly, so if this isn’t an automatic process, the Microsoft Gaming site offers versions of the Xbox 360 controller drivers for all versions of Windows Vista as well as Windows XP.

HD-DVD Authoring for Home Movies

How to make an HD-DVD using standard 4.7GB DVD media or 8.5GB dual layer disks.
After shooting numerous hours of high definition video footage, I’ve been itching for a way to create some HD-DVDs. There are no HD-DVD burners on the market at the moment. And media seems to be in scarce supply. Sure, I could shell out $700 for a Blu-ray burner, but then I’d need to spend another $600 for a player that conveniently connects to my television (like a PS3, for instance). At least I can use the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player with Windows Vista or my 360, and there’s now an HP HD-DVD player in the wild as well. When I found out Pinnacle added support for HD-DVD burning to Pinnacle Studio Plus, I was thrilled. Better yet, they do it by burning to standard 4.7GB DVDs or to 8.5GB dual layer disks.

Play Rainbow Six as President Bush on Xbox 360

We’re back with another installment of Continuing with the extreme Xbox 360 theme, we decided to get creative with the Custom Character feature in Rainbow Six. It’s common knowledge that you can create a custom character in the game by mapping your face to your in game character using the Xbox Live Vision camera, but I haven’t seen anyone show off the ability to map anyone’s face to your custom character. All you need is the Live Vision camera and a couple of photos of your favorite celebrity from Google images. We demonstrated the concept using President George W. Bush as our celebrity terrorist hunter as we show you How to Play Rainbow Six as George W. Bush. If you download the WMV version, you can see the whole thing in a pretty amazing 720p HD resolution.
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Xbox Network Connection Sharing

Joe writes, “We have a wireless hub for our computers, and my laptop… is there a way to directly hook up Xbox 360 to my laptop in order to get a connection? I’m looking to avoid buying the wireless adapter for 360, so if there is any way to get a connection for Xbox Live without the adapter, I would appreciate the help.”
While the wireless connection is convenient, wired network performance is much more reliable. If your wireless hub is close enough to the Xbox 360 to making a wired connection between the hub and the Xbox 360 console is your ideal scenario. If wireless is your only option, I’ll walk you through the process of using your laptop to provide a connection to Xbox Live for your Xbox 360.