Synapsis Walkthrough Tips and Cheats

Synapsis is a new escape the room game from Robot Jam Games. You start with a cube on a desk and must work through a series of clues in several rooms to complete the adventure and escape the game. One really cool thing about the game is it’s absolutely free.

Little Shop of Treasures 2

Little Shop of Treasures 2 Game Like the original Little Shop of Treasures, the sequel offers a variation on hide-and-seek games like Mystery Case Files and Mysteryville. Like other games in this genre, Little Shop of Treasures has you seeking objects hidden around a room, but instead of giving you the long list of things you need to find, Little Shop of Treasures 2 feeds you a few items at a time by having characters in the game ask you for specific things. As you locate an item, the person requesting the item leaves and a new person pops up with a different request. The hinting system is a little different too – instead of making it easy for you to find the one item hinted at, the text request for an item changes to an image, which helps identify what the person is looking for. If you find a question mark hidden in the level, it adds an extra hint to your number of available hints. As you complete levels, you are slowly making progress toward restoring and re-opening your Uncle Roy’s gas station. You’ll revisit the Import Shop you completed in the first Little Shop of Treasures for a trip down memory lane.


Pirateville Game The makers of Mysteryville and Mysteryville 2 are back with another outstanding puzzle challenge. Jack the Sharpshooter is looking to uncover the curse of Pirateville by finding hidden objects, comparing pictures to uncover the differences and unscrambling secret messages. Combining the world’s fascination with pirates and some of the best elements of puzzle games into one jam-packed casual game, Pirateville is sure to keep you distracted from work or whatever you may be looking to avoid in your daily life. You’ll love the adventure and the surprise ending will keep you on your toes in anticipation through each challenging new level. If you love word scramble games, hidden object puzzlers, and games that require you to compare photos to find the difference, Pirateville should be right up your alley. Aarrggh!