Synapsis Walkthrough Tips and Cheats

Synapsis Game Cube Synapsis is a new escape the room game from Robot Jam Games. You start with a cube on a desk and must work through a series of clues in several rooms to complete the adventure and escape the game. One really cool thing about the game is it’s absolutely free. There’s no timer, but you’ll find yourself wanting to figure out how to get to the end as quickly as possible, just to see where the clues take you. If you get stuck along the way, below is a room-by-room account of how to locate all the clues and win the game.
Synapsis Game Screenshot
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Synapsis Walkthru Room-by-room

Motion (Robot Treadmill Room)
1) Pickup Gasoline and add to generator
2) Add wheel to front space on treadmill
3) Pickup wrench to open door on generator
4) Pickup spark plug and add to generator
5) Turn on generator
6) As the treadmill rolls a ring spits out from under the treadmill.
7) Pick up the ring
8) Hold the ring up to light in ceiling until it turns orange
9) Put the ring in the robot’s eye hole, which opens…
Knowledge (2 Chairs and table)
1) Get the center candle from this room
2) Click on a bird in the paintings
3) When the drawer opens in table, collect the book inside
You’ll need the book later for a phone number inside. For now return to the lobby and go to…
Contained (Security camera room)
1) Move the clock hands to 9:15
2) Pick up the razor blade that drops
3) Use the razor blade to cut a hole in the tile where there’s blood on the wall below and to the left of the clock.
4) Take the screw driver from the hole
5) Use the screw driver on the radio
6) Take the cross from inside the radio
7) Pick up the paper from the floor
Synapsis Contained
Click around on the wall left of the clock until 4 lines are drawn to reveal a secret room (if you need help with the location, read the book in your inventory). This eventually reveals…
Connection (Brain puzzle)
Get the laser beams to look like this screenshot to unlock the brain:
Synapsis Brain Puzzle
Collect the brain and return to the main room, then go to…
Spirit (Church room)
1) Place the candle in your inventory in the empty candle holder.
2) Place the cross from your inventory in the cross on the basin in the center of the room
3) Place the paper in your inventory in the basin
4) Collect the heart from the basin
Take the brain to the room at the end of the hall, open the box and put it inside.
Transport (Subway station)
1) Wait for train
2) Open subway train door
3) Pickup Cell phone
4) Dial 412783 from book and a trap door opens to…
Open the box on the wall and place the heart inside, which shows the closing scenes and completes the game.