Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Tips, Tricks and Cheats

The third game in the Virtual Villagers series, The Secret City, is finally here. It looks to be even better than the two previous games, the original Virtual Villagers game, and challenging follow-up Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children. A number of new features have been added in The Secret City, providing more ways to interact with your Virtual Villagers.
If you don’t have Virtual Villagers 3 yet, you can download it now.

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The Secret City Basics

For the first time ever, Virtual Villagers now have real-time weather to interact with. Clouds, fog and sudden down pours all become part of the daily village life.

Planting a Seed You’ll need three fruit trees to succeed in the game, so it’s good to get this out of the way first – place an adult villager on the seed next to the broken fulcrum in the dirt. They will plant the seed to grow a tree. You’ll get the other two later in the game. When the tree matures, this will be a new source of food.

Keep Children Busy collecting mushrooms, feathers, turtle shells, and ocean object. You can move the village children on top of each of these item types to collect them. Mushrooms provide food. The other three are used to supply the alchemy lab with ingredients so that your scientist can do research and become adept. They add to the collections and help you gain needed tech points.

Improving Villager Health can be done by mixing potions in the alchemy lab. You’ll need to have fixed it first, which is puzzle 3, but once you do you can mix one of two potions to restore villager health. A combination of either Cactus + Lotus + Lotus or Cactus +Cactus + Lotus creates a potion that restores villagers health.

The First Chief – Have adult villagers try on the robe in the amphitheater until you find one that fits the robe. That villager is the first chief.

Gathering food will be one of your first duties to sustain the village. Children can gather mushrooms as a source of food, but you’ll need more than just mushrooms to survive. Honey is the initial source of food, supplemented by fruit from the orchard when it grows. Later in the game, fishing will support your colony, but you need a potion to get rid of the sharks first. After removing the sharks, drag villagers to the ocean to get them to fish. Finding food is a top priority for the village. After getting them started, they will continue to gather food on their own.
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Virtual Villagers 3 Puzzle List

Puzzle 01 – First Chief
Puzzle 02 – Beehive
Puzzle 03 – Alchemist’s Lab
Puzzle 04 – Roster of the Dead
Puzzle 05 – Weather Dancing
Puzzle 06 – The Lift
Puzzle 07 – Rubble
Puzzle 08 – The Ancient Bath
Puzzle 09 – The Statue
Puzzle 10 – The Orchard
Puzzle 11 – Banishing the Sharks
Puzzle 12 – Aromatherapy
Puzzle 13 – The Ash Key
Puzzle 14 – The Hanging Key
Puzzle 15 – The Clam Key
Puzzle 16 – The Sun Dial