Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers Game If you like simulation games, you might dig the new Virtual Villagers game. It’s a bit of a cross between something from the Sims lineage and one of those Japanese RPG games. Your job is to care for and nurture a tribe of villagers to help the discover the requirements for survival. After a narrow escape from a volcanic eruption, the villagers are stranded on a new and unfamiliar island. They apparently have amnesia, because you need to help them become farmers, builders and even parents of their children all over again. As they gain experience and training the villagers slowly turn their new island into a home, while dealing with the unpredictable events of nature on the island. As tribal leader you must help them to safety by steering them down the right path.The game was created by the same people who brought us Fish Tycoon, which was also fun.

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Virtual Villagers: A  New Home screenshot