Blu-ray Burner for Mac Systems

Blu-ray Burner for Mac If you’ve been waiting for a Blu-ray burner to add to your Mac toolset, MCE has finally brought that wait to a close with their new 6x Blu-ray Recordable Drive for Mac Pro and Power Mac systems. Still no love if you’re using a MacBook, but it’s a good start. Of course, simply having a burner only gets you part of the way, if you really want a useful Blu-ray burning experience with your Mac, you also need a copy of Toast Titanium. MCE offers a Blu-ray burning plug-in for Toast that ties the whole thing together. In theory this also adds Blu-ray and HD-DVD playback to your Mac, although I’m not aware of any software that plays either format on a Mac for now. The standalone drive currently goes for $499, or $599 if you want a copy of Toast with it. There’s also an external drive for $749, but you could likely make your own using the internal drive and a DIY external drive case (which would make the drive function with your MacBook).

AVerTV DVB-T Volar M Mac OS X TV Tuner

Aver Mac TV Tuner The number of choices available for tuning television on a Mac remain rather limited, so it’s good to see AVerMedia crossing over from the Windows world to provide a Mac solution. At Computex 2008, AVerMedia showed off the new AVerTV DVB-T tuner for Mac OS X. It works with the Mac remote, integrating easily into existing systems. The DVB-T solution connects via USB, with additional “rabbit ears” antenna that clips on the top of a MacBook and easily folds away for travel. While this doesn’t expand the device choices for the US market, since there is no DVB-T in the US, it shows a promise of things to come as AVerMedia plans to adapt the existing DVB-T tuner into something that functions with US television standards later this year. The device also works with Windows. Pricing should be available later this month.

Where can I buy a used Mac?

A reader asked me where to find a used Mac. While the online Apple Store is the obvious place to look, thanks to a large selection of refurbished hardware, I offer a few other choices to find a specific solution depending on your criteria for the type of Mac your are looking to purchase.