How to upload photos to Flickr from iPhoto

“How can I upload photos from iPhoto to my Flickr account on my Mac?”
There are several ways you can upload photos to Flickr from iPhoto, although several of them are convoluted. One way is to export photos from iPhoto to a folder on your Mac and then use the Flickr upload page to individually select each photo. Flickr recommends a $15 utility to automate the process, but you don’t need to pay anything. There is a great free way to upload photos to Flickr automatically without ever leaving iPhoto.

Do I need to buy a new camcorder if I buy a new MacBook?

“I have a MiniDV camcorder that uses FireWire to transfer video to my current MacBook. I want to upgrade to a new MacBook Pro, but they use FireWire 800 which is a different connection. Can I still use my camcorder with my new Mac, or do I need to buy a new camcorder if I buy a new MacBook Pro?”
At least you’re looking at the new MacBook Pro, which offers FireWire 800 as an option. The new 13-inch MacBook doesn’t have any FireWire port. FireWire 800 is backward compatible with previous IEEE 1394 connections, including the one on your MiniDV camcorder. You simply need a new 4-pin FireWire (connection on camcorder) to 9-pin Firewire (FireWire 800) cable to connect your camcorder to your new MacBook Pro. Amazon currently sells 4-pin to 9-pin FireWire cables for under $20.