Do I need to buy a new camcorder if I buy a new MacBook?

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“I have a MiniDV camcorder that uses FireWire to transfer video to my current MacBook. I want to upgrade to a new MacBook Pro, but they use FireWire 800 which is a different connection. Can I still use my camcorder with my new Mac, or do I need to buy a new camcorder if I buy a new MacBook Pro?”
At least you’re looking at the new MacBook Pro, which offers FireWire 800 as an option. The new 13-inch MacBook doesn’t have any FireWire port. FireWire 800 is backward compatible with previous IEEE 1394 connections, including the one on your MiniDV camcorder. You simply need a new 4-pin FireWire (connection on camcorder) to 9-pin Firewire (FireWire 800) cable to connect your camcorder to your new MacBook Pro. Amazon currently sells 4-pin to 9-pin FireWire cables for under $20.