Exlusive Mac Nano Photo

Mac Nano First Look Photo
My friend Brandon Wirtz scored this early photo of the new Mac Nano. Some people were apparently lucky enough to get review units ahead of the actual launch. Based on what little we can see in the photo, the Mac Nano is taking design cues from the Apple TV, with a thin silver box and no optical drive. Considering I haven’t installed a disk on my Mac Mini ever, losing the optical drive won’t hurt my feeling any. Word on the street is we won’t actually see the Mac Nano until Black Friday, which means the clock is ticking on your chances of picking up the newly refreshed Mac Mini. I haven’t seen the back side of the Nano, so it’s hard to tell what the video output is, but with that thin form factor I’m hopeful to see both DVI for my monitor and HDMI for my HDTV. No word yet on pricing or complete specs.