Flip4Mac Adds WMV to QuickTime Player

As a content publisher, one of my frustrations is trying to make sure every potential listener or viewer has equal access. I like many of the things Windows Media brings to the table in terms of sequencing playlists and creating a great viewing experience, but the Windows Media Player for Mac users leaves the Mac OS X experience lacking. Flip4Mac helps solve the weak Windows Media support on Mac OS X by providing a conduit for WMV content to play in the QuickTime player on OS X. A number of authoring components at Flip4Mac make it easy for content producers to offer both Standard Definition and High Definition video. For $9.99, the player component was reasonably priced, but not equitable, considering Windows users get a solid Windows Media experience for free. Now Mac users get an improved Windows Media experience, using the familiar QuickTime player, and the Flip4Mac WMV playback components are free. No word on whether Windows Media DRM is supported, but lets assume no. [Mac OS X $0.00]
Download Flip4Mac WMV Player